Safe & Healthy Skin for School Children

While the classroom environment can present a different set of possible issues as opposed to your own home, there are a few things you can do to stay a step ahead to keep your child’s skin healthy:

It starts with clean hands. We know the importance of hand washing, you know the importance of hand washing, but do your children understand why you tell them to wash their hands frequently? Even if your child is washing, be sure they are washing correctly – using warm water and lathering for at least 20 seconds – and that they are doing so regularly.
Sharing isn’t always caring. Although it may be tempting, we discourage sharing products with friends. These items such as body lotions, topical medications or even makeup brushes can carry small particles of bacteria when transferred from one person to another.

You have the right to protect your child’s skin. Most states have laws forbidding the use of sunscreen in schools without a doctor’s note as it is classified as a medication. In these states the sunscreen must also be applied by the school nurse. Prepare early for this by checking with your school’s policy regarding sunscreen usage and contact your dermatologist if necessary.
Inspect for insects. Easily spread, head lice often infect large groups at a time such as school children. If your child is found or suspected to have lice, you will be notified and your child will be sent home. Inspect your child’s scalp and use an over-the-counter lice remedy if you find any such evidence of lice. A doctor’s note stating your child is clear is required before they can return to school.

These are just a few examples of various issues which can arise during the school year. If you have any specific questions about your child’s skin safety or health, please do not hesitate to contact our office to schedule an appointment.

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