Question: I have all these products, now what?

Answer: A skin care regimen is only as successful as the how often a person utilizes it. Many people are guilty of hoarding skin care products but never really settling into a daily skin care regimen. Take a few minutes to sort through your products and pull out the basics:

  • facial wash
  • antioxidant (this is usually a serum)
  • moisturizer
  • SPF (can be combined in moisturizer)
  • night cream
  • exfoliant

*Of course you may have a few additional products if treating specific conditions, but you will be able to weed out which products you need.

Once you have gone through and pulled what you should be using every day, separate your products into morning and evening. Some, like your facial wash, will be used twice a day.

When you are ready to begin using and applying your products, whether it be morning or evening, remember the golden rule: Start with the thinnest, work your way up to the thickest, and top it off with sunscreen. (The sunscreen, of course, not necessary before bed time.) If you are still having trouble deciding which is first, contact your dermatologist and have one of their skin care specialists walk you through each step.

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