Laser Hair Removal Myths – Part 1

Dermatology & Laser Center of Charleston - Lori WrightingtonLaser Hair Removal is a popular service in our MediSpa – especially during the winter months. For those curious about the process, our Certified Laser Technician and MediSpa Manager, Lori Wrightington, sat down and wrote out a few popular Laser Hair Removal Myths that are worth busting. This is Part 1 of the series, and Part 2 will be out for next Monday’s MediSpa Monday post.

Myth #1: Blond and gray hair are treatable.

Why it’s false: Lasers look for pigment. If a hair does not have pigment (i.e. blond or gray), it can not be treated because the laser will not detect the hair follicle. Darker, coarser hair will see the best results.

Myth #2: Like waxing, hair growth has to be seen to be treated.

Why it’s false: Laser energy works best when the surface of treatment is clean shaven. The laser can get to the follicle directly rather than burn the hair on the surface.

Myth #3: Hair will disappear after one treatment.

Why it’s false: A common misconception, the laser does not magically make the hair disappear. The hair in the follicles which is treated must work its way out of the follicle. After the hair has done this, less and less hair will grow from the follicle.

That does it for Laser Hair Removal Myths Part 1. Lori will be back next Monday with Part 2. If you have any questions or are interested in setting up a complimentary laser hair removal consultation with Lori, please call our office at 843-556-8886.

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