Best Fit For You – Skin Care 101

As we grow older in age, our skin care needs grow as well.  By grow is doesn’t necessarily mean we need to add more products, rather alter the products we use to match our changing skin.

Taking a que from our friends over at gloProfessional, we have decided to begin a blog post series on finding the Best Fit For You when it comes to your skin care regimen.  Over the next few weeks we will be breaking down Skin Care by decade, recommending what areas you should be honing in on, and which products we suggest to frame your skin care regimen.  

Before we get started Regardless of our age, though, there are a few basics which remain constant throughout our years.  That is why we will be starting off the Best Fit For You series with Skin Care 101 – tips to take with you no matter where you are or how young your skin truly is.

image1. Wash your face twice daily, with clean hands, and using a clean towel to pat dry.

2. Apply moisturizer appropriate to your skin (oily or dry) and season (your skin may need a thicker moisturizer in colder months).

3. Finish your morning regimen with a broad-spectrum (blocks UVA and UVB) sunscreen. Do this everyday, no matter the weather or season.

4. Exfoliate a minimum of twice weekly to help encourage cell turnover, as well as slough off dead skin cells.  Products are most effective when they are applied directly to your skin – don’t waste your products by piling them on top of a layer of dead skin cells!

As simple as it sounds, these four steps are the solid foundation to any good skin care regimen. 

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