This procedure is used to treat visible red and purple veins, typically on the thighs, legs, and ankles- also known as “spider veins.” Millions are bothered by these veins and it is a large cosmetic concern for many. During Sclerotherapy a sclerosing solution is injected into the veins to reduce visibility. Sclerotherapy can also treat burning, tenderness, night cramps, swelling, and achy legs.

During your complimentary consultation, all information and instructions will be given. 

After The Procedure


Strenuous activity and prolonged standing should be avoided for the first 24 hours.

Side Effects:

Redness or bruising around injection site, small blisters, possible muscle cramping around injection site.

After Results:

Patients can expect to see some results after 1 session, although typically need 2-6 sessions in order to get their desired results.

*results & side effects may vary* 

Before & After

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