Vein Reduction

GentleYAG Laser Vascular Lesion Treatment

The many uses of the Candela Gentle YAG laser include the accurate treatment of a host of blood vessel related lesions. Examples include:

Cherry Angiomas
Small, red bumps or flat spots scattered on the arms, legs, trunk or anywhere. They can bleed…

Laser Leg Vein Reduction

The Candela GYAG laser targets the selected blood vessel with wavelengths of light.  The light closes off the vessel, then the body absorbs the remainder of the vessel.

How are Treatments Performed?
Usually, a series of 2-4 treatments are required …


Do you have unsightly red and purple veins on your thighs, legs or ankles? Millions are bothered by these veins. In fact, up to half of the adult female population may be affected with this cosmetic concern. Many dermatologists are now treating spider…

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