Aging Hands

Are you bothered by the look of your hands? Do they have wrinkles? Obvious appearing veins? Do your hands have thin or easily bruised skin? What about dark spots?

Usually, the focus of cosmetic desires is the face. However, the hands can be the biggest give-away to our age. During aging, the hands undergo changes that cause them to lose skin thickness, firmness and texture. Veins become visible, brown spots develop and wrinkles form.

Until recently, fighting the signs of the aging hand was mostly confined to creams and lotions. The latest advances have provided us with a new set of tools to treat the hands so that we are able to accomplish similar results as we have before on the face.


Radiesse® injections immediately restore and re-plump the volume to the back of the hands. Providing an instant youthful appearance, Radiesse® is injected beneath the skin, raising it off the tendons, veins and bones that make up the structure of the hand. Using a few simple injections that are virtually painless, Radiesse® will stay in the skin providing scaffolding for the buildup of new collagen for a long-lasting result. See the photos for an example of the results.

A simple out-patient procedure, it is performed under local anesthesia in the physician’s office and takes about 15 minutes. Injection pain is minimized or eliminated by use of a topical cream or pain blocks may be performed immediately before the procedure. Following the procedure, patients may immediately return back to daily activities, however, treatment sites may be swollen for 1-2 days. There is also potential for bruising at the injection site, which may be covered with concealer.

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Sculptra® Aesthetic

While Radiesse® provides an instant result, Sculptra® Aesthetic delivers results over a longer period of time by inducing your body’s own collagen production. The final result is realized after 3-4 months and a series of injections. Sculptra® Aesthetic produces a long-lasting effect from 2-4 years and is primarily from the new production of your own collagen.

Sculptra® Aesthetic is injected in small amounts approximately once a month. During the time between injections, your body forms new, natural collagen around the poly-L-lactic acid (sugar based) crystals in Sculptra® Aesthetic.

Palomar Icon System and Candela GLASE/GYAG Lasers

Using our sophisticated laser and intense pulsed light technology, we can remove unsightly brown spots and rejuvenate the hands with improved texture, tone and feel. Seeking out the dark pigment particles, the lasers break them up into microscopic pieces so your body can take them away. Consistent use of a broad-spectrum sunscreen and topical medical grade cosmeceutical products provide protection from future sun damage (the cause of unwanted skin damage).


  1. Volume replacement – You may choose the instant result of Radiesse®, or the longer term effect of Sculptra® Aesthetic, which stimulates your own collagen to fill the skin.
  2. Brown spot removal – You will choose the Palomar Icon or Candela laser systems to gently and effectively remove these signs of aging.
  3. A typical Radiesse® treatment will involve the use of one syringe per hand. Sometimes, an additional one or two syringes may be needed if your hands have lost a significant amount of fat. Men’s hands typically require more product.
  4. Topical professional products – Antioxidants, tissue growth factors, vitamin A and hyaluronic acid replace, restore and protect your new hands.

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