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The TheraClear™ Acne System is a state-of-the-art, FDA-approved treatment that combines light and vacuum for fast and visible reduction in acne and associated redness.

How Does This System Work?

The TheraClear system extracts sebum from acne lesions using a vacuum. A broadband light then targets bacteria, reduces sebum production and dramatically reduced the redness associated with acne. Acne lesions flatten and disappear.

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How Long Do Treatments Take and How Many Treatments Are Needed?

Treatments can be done I as little as 15 minutes and most patients feel little or no discomfort during treatments. Some do experience a mild, sunburn-like sensation.

We recommend 4-5 treatments one or two weeks apart. Our provider can develop a plan that is best for your skin.

Who is a Candidate for TheraClear?

If you have acne, exclusively oily skin and prefer a non-invasive treatment to oral antibiotics or laser treatments, TheraClear may be the right treatment for you. It’s safe for teenagers and adults.

When Do You See Results?

Some patients see results in 24 to 48 hours, but most patients see positive results after the second treatment. By the fourth treatments, the majority of patients are seeing most if not all of their acne gone. Patients indicate their skin feels drier, refreshed and clean. Also, pores appear smaller and redness is reduced.

African American Patient before and after TheraClear

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How Long Do Results Last?

Most patients are acne-free for two to three months, provided they maintain a good skin care regiment. We recommend a follow-up treatment every three months. However, treatments can be done more frequently to maintain acne-free skin.

Can You Take Other Acne Medications While Using TheraClear?

Most patients are already on some other medication and remain on those medications throughout the treatment period; some patients are prescribed new medications during the treatment period. Others are using no additional medications.

Can Dark Skin Be Treated?

Yes, TheraClear does an excellent job on dark skin, even type 6 skin (very dark brown).

Is TheraClear Superior Than Previous Acne Treatment Devices?

Devices such as Smoothbeam, Isolaz, Blue Lights, IPL have been used to treat acne with less than positive results. With TheraClear, excellent results are seen on the majority of patients. Theravant research, indicates that 85% of patients have excellent results, 10% show satisfactory improvement, and only 5% of patients show little improvement.

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