Psoriasis Studies

Clinical Study Code – Coronna.

The Corrona Psoriasis Registry is enrolling patients diagnosed with psoriasis who started or switched to a systemic psoriasis treatment within the previous 12 months. Data is collected from both patients and their treating dermatologists at regular outpatient office visits.

If you have psoriasis and are interested in assisting the medical community to improve treatments of this skin condition, The Clinical Research Center of the Carolinas would like for you to consider participation in a clinical trial study.

Pharmaceutical research studies collect information from psoriasis patients treated with systemic medications to determine what positive and negative effects develop from these therapies.  Our clinical research department is actively engaged in trials which collect and investigate this type data. Working with multiple dermatology offices across the nation, patients will be monitored over a 5 to 10 year period and continuously report their health status to their investigative dermatologist. Combined results of these studies will assess the long-term safety and benefits of a variety of psoriasis medications. Patients are evaluated approximately every 6 months to assess their psoriasis, general health and response to treatment.

Even if you are not currently receiving treatment for your psoriasis, you may still be eligible. Please provide your contact information to the right so we can determine your eligibility.

This study is in the observation stage.

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