What’s the Big Exfoliating Deal?

Exfoliation is a key step when it comes to any skin care regimen (for women AND men!), and although the benefits are subtle to the eye, this one simple step can have a lasting effect for years to come.

The essence of exfoliation is to remove the top layer of the oldest dead skin cells on the outermost layer of your skin.  Doing this increases what we call cell turnover as it allows newer skin cells to come to the surface.  The benefits of exfoliation may seem subtle, however think about it like this:

You just purchased a brand new, shiny, black baby grand piano. Unfortunately as time goes by you aren’t able to dust it as often as you’d like.  Next thing you know, layer after layer of tiny dust mites begin to pile up on the surface until the shiny black begins to appear dull and lackluster.

Your skin without exfoliation is like that baby grand piano. Its natural luster and glow is hidden by the layers of old, dead skin cells. Luckily, the silver lining to this situation is there are many different remedies to help rid your skin of old, dead skin cells, even if it’s been much longer than you care to admit.

Exfoliation can be done manually with a scrub (this is a DLCC favorite!), clay mask, a topical product containing an acid agent that dissolves dead skin cells (think this one or this one), or even a hand-held device such as the Clarisonic. If it’s a deeper exfoliation you are looking for, treatments such as a HydraFacial, chemical peel or Vibradermabrasion treatment offer a deep, thorough exfoliation with no down time.

What type of exfoliant and how often you should exfoliate depends on your skin type. Too much of a good thing can be bad in this case! Over-exfoliation can lead to dry, irritated skin – essentially the exact opposite of what you are looking to attain. If you aren’t sure, it’s best to consult with a board-certified dermatologist or skin care therapist on where to get started. It could be something as simple as a light scrub added to your regimen twice a week, or if it’s been far too long and you feel like that baby grand piano mentioned above, a vibradermabrasion treatment or chemical peel could do the trick for an exfoliating reset.

But don’t stop reading just yet! There’s more than one bonus when it comes to exfoliation: The process of exfoliating your face and cell turnover helps promote collagen production, thus fighting with you in your anti-aging battles.  Another benefit of exfoliation is when it comes to hair removal.  Exfoliation encourages pores to open up, allowing for smoother hair removal processes in shaving, waxing and laser treatments.

We offer complimentary cosmetic consultations Monday through Friday to answer any and all questions on our services and products, so if you are interested in learning more a cosmetic consult is always the best place to start!

Isn’t it time to dust off your own baby grand piano? We think so, too!

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