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You’ve heard us mention our new cosmetic treatment, The HydraFacial™, but you may find yourself wondering – What’s so great about a regular ol’ facial?  To put it simply, it is much more than a regular ol’ facial!  The HydraFacial™ is quickly becoming our top cosmetic service of choice, and here are the Top 5 Reasons why:

1.  Hydration, deep cleansing for pores & exfoliation. 
The unique HydroPeel® tip used during your treatment gently cleanses and exfoliates pores with its spiral design to dislodge impurities in the skin. Simultaneously, it is introducing the hydrating solution packed with antioxidants.

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2.  Anti-aging benefits. 

The anti-aging power of the HydraFacial™ comes with its deep exfoliation and antioxidant serums.  Exfoliation increases cell turn-over in the skin, helping to stimulate collagen production.  Antioxidants, as we all know, are a powerhouse of health and beauty.  Introducing these agents after a deep exfoliation helps to seal in their free-radical fighting properties, ultimately helping to alleviate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

3.  Improve skin texture and refine pores.

A consistent deep exfoliation of the skin will also help improve the texture of your skin.  While results are immediate after your first treatment, a series of HydraFacial™ treatments will show a sustained improvement in skin texture, evening out trouble areas and refining the pores as well.

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4.  Balancing oily / acne prone skin.

It may sound odd that a treatment focusing on hydrating the skin will help with oily or acne prone skin types, but as powerful of a hydration treatment that it is, the HydraFacial™ offers remarkable results due to its exfoliation capabilities.  Unclogging pores of impurities will help reset your skin, relieving it of acne symptoms and removing excess oil buildup.

5.  The bonus, add-on features. 

This treatment is highly customizable according to your skin type and as a bonus, there are a few add-on features that can be combined with the HydraFacial™.  The Lymphatic Drainage addition will not only help detoxify but has shown to help relieve sinus congestion as well.  The derma-builder peptide complex is a strong anti-aging assistant to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Of course there are many reasons to schedule a HydraFacial™ treatment and benefits to be seen and felt from a series, these are just our top five to get you started.  We are so excited about introducing HydraFacial™ to our list of cosmetic services, we are offering an introductory special for the month of September.  Treatments starting at $95 are the perfect opportunity to test the HydraFacial™ out for yourself.  Complimentary cosmetic consultations are available by calling (843) 556-8886 or requesting an appointment here.

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