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Dr. Todd SchlesingerKalen Ashford, PA  This post is coauthored by Todd Schlesinger MD, FAAD & Kalen Ashford, PA-C

One of the most popular cosmetic treatments today are lip fillers, also known as lip enhancements. Full, lush lips are the new normal, popularized by teen model, Kylie Jenner and actresses Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansen.

Todd Schlesinger, MD says many of his patients not only have a desire for obtaining fuller lips, but want to regain the look that they had when they were younger. “Understanding the youthful lip has become the stuff of science. Some write about the ‘Divine Proportion’ or the ‘Golden Ratio,’ which refers to the ratio 1:1.618. This ratio describes the volume of the upper lip as it relates to the lower lip and means that lips considered most desirable have approximately 1/3 of the volume in the upper lip and 2/3 of the volume in the lower lip. This is different from what we might commonly see as ‘filler lips’ where the whole upper and lower lip is filled in like a horizontal hot dog. This is not an enviable look and is something to be avoided. But, there is more to the youthful lip than volume alone. As lips age, they experience volume loss, flattening and a reduced demarcation between them and the surrounding skin which causes lipstick bleeding. The shape of the lip is very important and plays a role in shadows, definition, the look of the columns between the nose and upper lip, as well as the cupid’s bow, or central upper lip.”

The key is customization.

“When I treat a patient for lip volume, I look carefully at their current lip shape and if I can, a photo of a younger self,” says Schlesinger. “This allows me to recreate the shape of the youthful lip for that person. The result is natural and stunning. Bigger is not always better, but proper shape and proportion does make for a satisfying outcome. Your lips will still feel, look and work naturally after your procedure.”

“I wanted more volume. I was scared I wouldn’t look natural and I didn’t know how I would do with swelling after the treatment. I am very happy with the results. My lips look and move naturally, exactly what I wanted! I would refer any friend to Kalen.”

Patients need to be realistic about how big they want their lips to be. Do they really want to go from thin lips to looking like Lisa Rinna or Goldie Hawn in The First Wives Club, overnight?
Kalen Ashford, PA-C says that “the over-filled duck-lips you see on TV or even across the street are the only ones you associate with lip fillers and can make you uneasy about the procedure. Filling lips is not just about adding volume. It’s important to assess the entire face and lips to achieve a natural result. Choosing the proper filler and using small amounts in the appropriate places can bring shape, definition and correct volume to lips to complement your facial features.”

“I was thrilled with how my lip injections looked after my procedure with Dr. Schlesinger. I had been thinking about getting injections for years, but was very nervous about the possibility of my lips looking overdone or obvious. Dr. Schlesinger put my worries to rest and talked to me in-depth about my expectations and concerns. We found the perfect filler for what I was looking for and the results were just beautiful. I would highly recommend this procedure if you are looking for more youthful and fuller lips. I could not be more pleased with the results.”

So, how do we achieve our results?

Lip fillers have become standard of care, when performed by a board-certified and highly experienced physician such as a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Physicians assistants, trained and supervised by one of these physicians, also place lip fillers with excellent results. Lip fillers are mainly composed of hyaluronic acid (HA), a sugar molecule found naturally in the body. We have learned to make these last 6-12 months by cross-linking HA’s so the body does not break them down so quickly. You may know the brand names Restylane, Juvederm Ultra and Juvederm Volbella, the last of which is the newest and was made specifically for the lips. At DLCC, we inject them with a small needle and since the fillers have built-in lidocaine to numb as you go, all you feel is a pinch and maybe a little sting as the filler begins to go in. We will apply a little ice after and gently massage the lips when we are done.

“I wanted fuller lips with more symmetry, but I wanted to keep their natural shape. Kalen did a wonderful job. I love them! I even recommended one of my friends who just made an appointment!”

Preparing for the procedure is easy with practically no downtime. Simply avoiding things that can thin your blood like vitamin E, painkillers and fish oil for ten days before the procedure can help reduce any normal and expected bruising or swelling, but this is usually gone within five to seven days.


You will see results almost immediately! After the initial swelling resolves, you’ll have desirable lips for months to come.  If you decide to stop doing lip fillers at some point, your lips might retain some of their filled shape and form. This is because the HA that was injected has been shown to help your body produce more HA, so your lips could keep some of that youthful shape from your previous injections.

“I had thin lips and I wanted a natural enhancement. Now, my boyfriend loves them! Kalen is awesome and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I highly recommend her.”

Go ahead and try it! Chances are (and studies show) you will be satisfied and enjoy a more youthful you for years to come!

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**All results are immediately after treatment.

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