Tattoo Removal: Your questions answered.

Lori Wrightington

Lori Wrightington, our Director of Laser & Medispa Services answers your questions about tattoo removal. 

“I hate my tattoo!”

If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and shouted, “I hate my tatoo”! Then this blog post is one you’ll want to read.

Do you have tattoo regret? Want it gone? If you do, you’re probably wondering what it takes to remove it and undo the damage to your dermis.

Questions and answers for people who want to have their tattoos removed.

What do people need to know when they consider having a tattoo removed?

When considering tattoo removal people need to realize it will not be as easy removing the tattoo as getting it was. Tattoo removal can take years depending on a lot of variables such as location, color, age, is it a professional or homemade tattoo, is it ink or something else, immune system, age of patient and the age of the tattoo.

What is a realistic expectation of how successful someone will be in having their tattoo removed?

A realistic expectation someone may have as to successful tattoo removal is to know it can be done but, it is a process and some people may give up due to the time it takes.

Does it make a difference what part of the body/skin the tattoo is on to the removal’s success?

The location the tattoo is on the body does make a significant difference as to how long it may take to remove and how many treatments. I have seen tattoos removed in 3 to 24 treatments due to location and color. Extremities have less circulation therefore may heal slower. The foot can take the longest to remove as it is farthest away from the heart.

Does it matter how “old” the tattoo is? Or how long you’ve had it when you go to have it removed?

Age of the tattoo can factor into removal. An older tattoo may have faded and can therefore already be on its way out. A new tattoo will need to heal sufficiently before tackling the removal process.

Is it painful?

Yes, tattoo removal is painful. There are techniques to ease pain such as topical anesthetics, but, icing the area works just as well. Some patients equate the sensation to a rubber band snap, others bacon grease splatter.

What kind of practitioner should I consult?

The consultation is important because you want to make sure you see a trained professional and preferably in a reputable business such as a medical office under the supervision of a licensed physician.

How can I interview a practitioner / get enough information to feel confident in the practitioner’s skills and tools?

It is important to do your research in choosing a qualified tattoo removal specialist. Google businesses in your area, call and ask questions, schedule a consultation at which time you will be assessed and can have all questions answered. Make multiple consults if you are not satisfied before you make a final decision.

What techniques are out there to remove tattoos?

There are different techniques to remove tattoos from over the counter scrubs and creams to chemical peels both of which I would not recommend. The safest modality would be laser tattoo removal to minimize the risk of scarring and to safely target all ink colors and skin tones. Nanosecond and Picosecond technology are the most common and popular.

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