SkinPen® Precision Treatments Stimulate Skin’s Ability to Produce Collagen & Elastin

Ashley DavisNote: Originally published in May 2017, we’ve updated this post with fresh information about what additional treatments work well with SkinPen Microneedling.

This post was authored by Licensed Esthetician Ashley Davis.

Licensed Esthetician, Ashley Davis, shares Tiffany’s experience with SkinPen and answers questions about the procedure.

“As someone in her mid-40s, I decided it was time to look into procedures to help rebuild collagen, reduce fine lines, and minimize pores…a way to freshen my face.  After exploring treatment options, I chose microneedling because the reviews for this treatment were exceptional.  Having never done anything like this procedure, I was quite nervous going into it; however, Ashley allayed my fears by educating me about SkinPen, the microneedling pen she suggested. She also thoroughly explained what she was doing during the treatment, reminding me to breathe when she recognized I was tensing up, and repeatedly asked me if I was okay. While my face looked striped immediately after the procedure, by that evening my color had somewhat returned to normal and the pain had diminished. The following day, my skin flaked in places but by day three, no one could tell I’d had anything done. After one treatment, the skin on my face feels smoother and thicker, and it looks healthier. I absolutely recommend this procedure… Thank you, Ashley!”     -Tiffany

Tiffany, like many other individuals came to us here at Dermatology and Laser Center of Charleston in search of a treatment to begin the process of restoring her youthful glow. After consultation, we decided that a series of microneedling treatments with the SkinPen Precision system was exactly what she needed. It’s non-invasive, quick, easy and downtime is minimal; for her it was a no brainer!

What is SkinPen Precision?

SkinPen Precision Microneedling

The SkinPen treatment is a medical grade Micro Fractional Collagen Stimulation System. The treatment stimulates the skin’s ability to produce collagen and elastin to improve:

  • Texture and Tone
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Pore Size
  • Appearance of stretch marks
  • Scars-including acne scarring

With Tiffany, our concern was treating the texture and tone of her skin as well as those pesky fine lines and wrinkles we develop due to aging and lifestyle choices.

How does SkinPen Precision do this?

The SkinPen Precision System uses a disposable cartridge containing 14 micro sized surgical steel grade needles which create micro channels in the epidermis—the top layer of your skin—to stimulate and increase the rate of healing in the skin. This not only triggers collagen and elastin fibers—the components that give your skin its thickness and elasticity—to be produced at a more rapid pace but also allows for products we use to penetrate the skin more effectively. 

What areas can be treated?

The SkinPen Precision treatment is customizable to perform treatment on various areas of the body. It is not just limited to the face—as in Tiffany’s case.

The neck, chest, arms, hands, legs, abdomen and back can be treated also!

What is the actual treatment like?

Treatment time may vary depending on the size of the area(s) being treated and what the targeted goal of correction you are being treated for. Most patients only experience minimal discomfort—the prickliness of the needles—for a brief time during the treatment. We also use a topical numbing agent to help ease the discomfort for you.

What is the downtime?

There is very little downtime with the SkinPen Precision micro-needling treatment. Initial redness from the treatment is similar to that of a sunburn for the first day resolving to a residual pinkness on day 2 for most patients. Makeup can be worn 24 hours post treatment.

Tiffany experienced redness for about 3 days, the bulk of it being on the day of the treatment. Any residual redness may be covered up with makeup 24 hours later and no one can tell anything happened!

How many treatments are necessary?

Creating major changes in the skin takes time, so the number of treatments needed will vary from person to person and their specific needs. However, it is recommended for most to have a series of treatments for optimal results.

Are there other treatments and enhancements that can be combined with SkinPen Precision?

Your SkinPen treatments may also be coupled with platelet-rich plasma, PRP, to enhance the results of your microneedling treatment. PRP is your body’s own natural growth factor taken from your blood at your appointment, essentially, it’s your own personal anti-aging serum! It allows your skin to heal faster and stimulates collagen and elastin remodeling at a faster rate than microneedling alone.

You can also have your Skinpen microneedling treatments combined into a plan with other in-office therapies such as Hydrafacials and chemical peels for a multi-faceted skin treatment to address various concerns.

 Is SkinPen Precision micro needling right for me?

The SkinPen Precision Micro Fractional Collagen Stimulation System is safe for all skin types and will treat a range of skin concerns including (but not limited to) acne scarring, laxity of the skin, dullness in appearance, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation issues, stretch marks. Schedule a complimentary consultation to see if SkinPen Precision is the right option for regaining a more youthful, vibrant you!

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