Microblading: What You Need To Know

Ashley DavisAshley Davis, Licensed Esthetician, tells you everything you need to know about this new procedure that has the eyebrow-world abuzz.

The Nitty Gritty about Microblading

Microblading is a specific technique of cosmetic tattooing performed specifically on the eyebrows. It’s done by manually depositing pigment into the dermis (2nd layer) of the skin. The pigment is implanted by the use of a special handheld tool which contains multiple nano-needles to create the appearance of real eyebrow hairs using very fine hair-like strokes in the skin.

The purpose of microblading is to enhance what you naturally have, making the eyebrows look as natural as possible. It’s great for those who have thin/light eyebrows due to over-tweezing or over-waxing and for those who want a fuller eyebrow without having to repeatedly tint or fill them in with powders, pencils and gels. It may even help restore the eyebrow shape of those who have almost no natural eyebrows left or none at all.

Because the hairs are “drawn” in a natural direction using a handheld tool, it doesn’t look like a tattoo. The procedure is very tolerable and more comfortable than having a traditional tattoo.

Microblading is a 2-step process. You will have an initial visit and a MANDATORY second visit to finish the look. You have only received 50% of the work done at your first visit so your second appointment is crucial. The results are semi-permanent and will require touch-ups.

Microblading being applied to a client's eyebrows in Charleston

Freedom from make-up with Microblading

One of the benefits of having microblading is that it’s a timesaver. You no longer have to spend time applying make-up to your brows and worrying about humidity or rain causing your brows to smudge or drip!

How long does it last?

Depending on your skin, health condition, lifestyle and skincare routine, the results of your microblading may last from 1-2 years. Microblading is designed to fade over time and not be permanent. Touch-up appointments are required to maintain a fresh and natural appearance.

What is the treatment like?

You can expect for some mild discomfort; however, the area will be numbed to help make your experience more comfortable. The treatment feels similar to that of a continuous cat scratch or as if you are having an eyebrow threading procedure. Keep in mind that everyone’s skin and tolerance to pain varies, so one person’s experience can totally differ that of the next. Thinner skin will experience slightly more discomfort.

Caring for your eyebrows during the healing process is crucial and you must follow the guidelines set by your artist. Color of the newly pigmented brow area will appear darker and bolder immediately after the procedure but will not be your final result. You can expect peeling and swelling post-treatment and the amount of healing time is individual to each client. It may take up to 14 days to heal.

Am I a candidate for Microblading?

You must schedule a consultation/fill out a medical questionnaire in order to assess candidacy. Some conditions will prevent you from being a good candidate for the procedure or reduce the longevity of the results causing more frequent touch-up appointments. This will be discussed with you by your microblading artist. This treatment isn’t recommended for those with very thin/very sensitive/rosacea skin. Certain health conditions and medications will also prohibit treatment or must have written consent from your attending physician. You may not have treatment if pregnant or nursing, have been on Accutane in the past year, have any active infections in the area, after a Botox/Dysport treatment or are sunburned.

If microblading is not a good option for you, alternatively you may be eligible for powder brows which will give the effect of a shaded brow as if you had filled it in with a pencil- this process may or may not be completed with a machine.

Microblading will offered at Dermatology and Laser Center of Charleston in 2019. Look for more information to be announced at Glow Night on November 27th, our website and social media.


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