May Skincare Tips!

Your skincare is very important to us at DLCC. This is why we’ve come up with a list of 5 skincare tips that outline the Dos and Don’ts of taking great care of your skin!

1. DON’T obsessively touch your face

It is never a good time to touch your face throughout the day as it exposes your skin to bacteria of things you have touched. However, you most definitely do not want to be doing so right now with the coronavirus running rampant.

2. DO wash your hands before starting your skincare routine

You want to make sure you are following the guidelines for proper handwashing and wash them for 20-30 seconds before starting your facial cleanse.

3. DON’T ignore your skin just because you can’t see your Esthetician!

Most (DLCC included) of us are STILL available to provide you with products and skincare advice even if you can’t see us in person. We are here for you and your skincare journey. Use us as the resource we are! Ask us questions- call us, email us, reach out on social media!

4. DO follow your skin care regimen provided by your skincare professional.

Consistency is key!!! I know, quarantine and time at home can kind of put a stopper in your routine or get you off balance. But remember, consistency will help achieve the goal.

5. DON’T go overboard with online skincare shopping and trying new things that seem to be all the rave!

Products are not made equally. Ingredients are different and the strengths of products vary. You have a skincare professional for a reason. We take into account how ingredients of certain products interact with one another. Just because it sounds good doesn’t mean that it is good for you and OUR skin (because being honest here, your skin isn’t just your skin anymore when you have a skincare professional, it’s theirs too and we are working towards the same goal).

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