Kybella is happening at DLCC!

Each day we are treating patients with the FDA approved KYBELLA™ and putting them on the path to kick their double chin to the curb! We wanted to give you an idea of what a KYBELLA™ appointment is like, so you can be prepared for your treatment.  It all begins with a Complimentary Kybella Consultation, though, so simply send us an email to schedule your appointment while you enjoy a few snapshots during the treatment of one of our staff members, Tammy.
This is all that is needed in preparation for your KYBELLA™ treatment:
Once markings are complete, a temporary grid is applied to the treatment site.

Tammy’s full treatment area is in the center of the hexagon.  This will be different from patient to patient.


Guided by the treatment zone, Dr. Schlesinger injects the KYBELLA™.


The full procedure lasts 15-20 minutes then you are ready to schedule your next appointment in 30 days!

Available in only 2 offices in the State of South Carolina, KYBELLA™ is growing in popularity and demand each day. Schedule your Complimentary KYBELLA Consultation to see if you are a candidate and get started on your treatment!

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