Intimate Rejuvenation is 8 Minutes Away

Lori WrightingtonIn this blog, Lori Wrightington, Director of Laser & Medispa Services, discusses intimate rejuvenation and Ultra Femme 360.

Let’s face it. Urinary incontinence and lack of pleasure are embarrassing subjects to discuss with your medical provider or even your closest friends. And it can even lead to depression. For years, women have asked our practice about treatments that would address and help these intimacy concerns.

We are proud and excited to now offer the FDA-cleared Exilis Ultra 360 Ultra Femme tip.


An Ultra Femme appointment is similar to visiting your Ob/Gyn physician. It’s very intimate and personal, but, I do my best to make our patients as relaxed as possible when treating and discussing female rejuvenation. If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then Ultra Femme may be the treatment for you.

  • Are you looking for a treatment that is non-invasive for your intimate needs?
  • Are you looking for a treatment that is painless?
  • Are you interested in a treatment with no downtime?

There are many reasons that make changes in the pelvic floor during postpartum and the aging process. They can include loss of collagen, decreased blood flow, loss of and weak muscle control. Using Radio Frequency we can restore collagen and elastin and increase blood flow to the delicate tissue. The tip of the handpiece creates heat which radiates 360 degrees and achieves elevated temperature in the treated area to 40 degrees Celsius very quickly.


This helps increase patient comfort, minimize risk of infection and increases blood flow. The Ultra Femme 360 is scientifically proven to increase elastin and collagen fibers with optimal results 3 months after a series of 3 treatments.

Before and After Ultra Femme Treatment

The Ultra Femme internal procedure uses Radio Frequency to heat the tissue in the vaginal wall which in turn creates collagen regenesis and make that delicate tissue spongy and thicker again. This helps with incontinence as the bladder is not creating as much pressure on damaged wall. The procedure also can stimulate sensations that have been lost and make intercourse much more comfortable.

Does a treatment that you can do on your lunch hour and return to your normal activities sound good to you?

If it can get any better, the procedure is only 8 minutes, is not painful, there is no prep needed and no downtime. The external treatment can be 12 minutes and creates tightening and smoothing in the labia majora, perineum and introitus. Most women experience comfortable heat and slight pressure or tenderness post treatment for a day or two.

Patients have expressed return of sensation and less pain in the area after only one treatment, although a total of 3 treatments are recommended.

Although, this concern may sound silly to some, there is definitely conversation being had and at Dermatology and Laser Center of Charleston our approach to wellness is definitely 360 degrees.

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