Nikita Patel

Clinical Research Assistant

Nikita Patel

An Honors graduate with a BS in Biology and minor in Neuroscience, Nikita was a Senior Diversity Associate and Programming Assistant at the College of Charleston before joining CRCC. Her research experience as a Data Analyst for the Neurological Department at MUSC includes using FSL software to review patient brain scans and extraction of sections relevant to research findings. She later conducted independent research and developed experimental designs at the College of Charleston to test hypotheses on the Effects of Neuroplasticity on Behavior and, using NOLDUS programming, collected and analyzed data retrieved from experimental trials.

Nikita is a native of India, speaks English, Hindi and Gujarati, co-founded the Student Diversity and Inclusion Council at C of C, and has interests that have ranged from working with autistic children to mathematics tutoring to sports reporting and managing the Women’s Basketball Team.

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