Why opt for minerals instead?


Mineral makeup has risen a great deal in popularity over the past decades and with it’s heightened demand has come many questions as to why it’s any better than other forms of makeup. We’re here to help answer some of those questions for you and explain why we recommend using mineral makeup as opposed to other forms.
1. 100% mineral makeup is chemical and fragrance free. That means you can say goodbye to the toxins!  Oils, fragrances and preservatives often added to conventional lines of makeup can cause irritation.  These additives are also conducive to the growth of bacteria, which inorganic mineral components do not support.
2. 100% mineral makeup sits on top of the skin.  Mineral makeup doesn’t bind to your skin or seep into your pores over time, which equals less chance of breakouts.
  • You can test this at home: True, 100% mineral makeup will also sit on top of water.  Grab a glass of water, tap a small amount of your makeup in and see if it starts to sink.


3. With 100% mineral makeup you will notice the colors are often richer.  This happens when higher quality minerals are used to formulate the makeup. The richer the colors, the less makeup needed to achieve your desired look = savings in your pocket.

4. Zinc oxide and Titanium dioxide are two main components in mineral makeup.  You’ve heard us mention these two before as they are also two of the most effective physical blockers for sun protection.  As a third added bonus (1. sunscreen, 2. makeup coverage), zinc is an antioxidant which helps protect your skin from free radical damage, and titanium dioxide has a high light refractive property – higher than that of a diamond – which helps bolster a luminous, glowing skin tone.

In general, mineral makeup is really taking you back to the basics.  With it’s history dating back to ancient times (Cleopatra didn’t have liquid eye liner, she opted for kohl instead!), advances in formulation and the refining of minerals has helped set mineral lines above many conventional brands.  With the added benefits of antioxidants and sunscreen, mineral makeup can work as an extension of your skin care regimen as well.

Now we don’t want you to think all non-mineral makeup lines are the enemy and you should stay away from them – that is far from the case!  Our goal is to make sure you have all the facts when you visit the makeup counter so you can make an informed decision.  If you are considering mineral makeup, we do caution you check the ingredients as not all mineral makeup lines are 100% mineral based.  Still not sure if your choice is 100% mineral? Ask a sample and try the water test at home.

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